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w3/max – Warehouse management without tradeoffs


With the standard WMS w3/max, all known warehouse structures can be managed. It allows to create storage areas and storage places which can be distributed among areas, zones and classes. w3/max is capable of handling multiple clients and allows several languages.

w3/max enables you to describe arbitrary organizational drains in the warehouse. Common put-away and picking-strategies are adjustable.

Apart from the articles' masterdata w3/max offers the possibility to add attributes individually, e.g. data about packaging hierarchies and packaging size, supply amounts, allocation of certain articles to certain storage places or information about necessary inventory checks during picking.


Among others, w3/max supports the following tasks of warehouse logistics:


  • announcement of deliveries
  • processing of the qualitative and quantitative goods check on arrival
  • arbitrary repacking of the incoming delivery units
  • identification of consignments
  • manual or automatic storage place assignment
  • labeling for identification with dynamic barcodes (internal or EAN)
  • control of put-away
  • printing of warehouse documents

Your advantages:

  • Integration of the whole warehouse
  • All WMS functions within the standard
  • Short throughput times for the warehouse
  • Work with minimal error ratio
  • More efficient material flow shaping
  • Implement paperless stock management
  • Elimination of work and process steps
  • Save time and money


  • processing of orders of contracting partners
  • planning of shipping
  • manual or automatic planning of picking, taking into account certain strategies and optimization of the picking
  • printing of picking-lists or wireless processing of the picking
  • control of the picking
  • confirmation of prepared deliveries
  • printing of documents for storage or shipment

Further functionalities:

  • stock-taking
  • collection of reusable loading units (e.g. palettes)
  • processing of complaints and returned goods
  • blockage of warehouse objects
  • goods administration on the basis of their quality status
  • processing of best-before dates and batches
  • processing of internal transportation orders in the warehouse

During the whole storage process, it is possible to identify article and loading unities on the basis of internal or EAN barcodes which can be printed or scanned. With a data radio communication certain warehouse functionalities can be processed by portable terminals.

* * *

w3/max Product sheet as PDF (in German, 795 kB)
w3/max System specification as PDF (in German, 739 kB)