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Pick-by-light integrated in w3/max

Dortmund's w3logistics AG has extended its warehouse management suite w3/max with an additional module. This new component implements a paperless picking with pick-by-light.

This picking process guides the respective worker by a light signal and a digital display and indicates how many parts to pick from which storage place. The alpha numerical displays are mounted at the particular compartments that contain the goods to be picked. Every picking is confirmed by pressing a push button located adjacent to the display. This way every change of stock levels is booked in the warehouse management system in real time.

In addition to this standard picking process, an optional pick-by-light based post processing is available for w3/max. With this process, orders can be merged for two-staged picking where orders have been pre-picked into particular compartments in a first step. This way an additional optimisation is performed in the shipping process.

Udo Salewski, leader of product development at w3logistics AG, comments on this new feature: "The demand for pick-by-light solutions is growing. We are glad to be able to offer such a solution. Now our standard warehouse management system is even more flexible and the functional range has been extended once more."