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Software retrofit – From old to new

When it comes to rebuilding production facilities, retrofit is a commonly known term. It means that old production facilities are updated to the newest techniques by replacing or rebuilding components of the system. The advantage is that current spare parts can be used for the facilities afterwards. Often the retrofit also results in an increase of production throughput. But it is also possible to make software fit again!

Retrofit vs. porting

In the area of software development, the term retrofit is not yet known widely, but the innovative employees of w3logistics have been investigating on this theme for several years. Software retrofit describes a method how to modernize a software system step by step, in such a way that it becomes a maintainable system again. In doing so, retrofit goes far beyond what a simple porting can achieve.

w3logistics uses the 7 phase model

The IT specialists of the Dortmund software company have developed a newly conceived 7 phase model to achieve a seamless implementation of a retrofit. A software retrofit is especially advisable for mission critical systems, since a downtime of such a software can easily lead to extensive problems in the core business of every company.

Minimizing project risks by migrating in small steps

At the start of the project no big budget is needed, but, nevertheless, the company will in the end get a modern system that is maintainable again. This means that after this step, new and innovative functions can be integrated once again. The changes to the system are applied in small steps, and this makes a classical training of the users of the system obsolete. On the other hand, by modification of single elements the project risk can be substantially reduced. It might even occur that parts, which do not need to be changed, will be usable for years in such a stabilized environment.

Modification of the software without expensive downtimes

The biggest advantage for a company doing a software retrofit with w3logistics lies in the fact that the ongoing operations are interfered with as little as possible. This can be achieved, for example, by only working on the software during lunch breaks over a longer period of time. So no production downtimes will occur in your company, and the total costs of the complete rebuilding will be much lower than the implementation of a new software system.

You can also benefit from the innovative possibilities of our team! Convince yourself of the advantages of a software retrofit with w3logistics.

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