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Your database under the microscope on our "Early Watch"

Our WMS maintenance customers have been relying on it for years: Our "Early Watch" maintenance. Now this service becomes more and more indispensable also in the area of databases.

On this preventative maintenance, our experts remotely connect themselves regularly (for example twice a week) to your database and check essential system parameters.

Are all services running normally? Do the log files of the database or the operating system show irregularities? Does it seem that a reorganisation is becoming necessary? Is the automatic backup working properly? Is memory space becoming sparse? Have performance parameters changed?

Should we observe any abnormalities, we will inform you immediately and make proposals how to handle these problems. This way looming malfunctions can be recognized beforehand and expensive system downtimes can be avoided.

We will tailor our Early Watch to your needs, so that those functional parameters that are of main importance for you will be checked regularly. In any case, you will receive a monthly written report by e-mail that includes information on all performed checks.

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Already tomorrow your database system could be a little bit safer!