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w3/max settles your accounts!

The warehouse management suite of Dortmund's w3logistics AG offers its users numerous advantages: The enhanced version of the widely used solution w3/max is the optimal warehouse management system for every customer.

A specialty is the new accounting function of the cutting-edge WMS: With this function, every receiving or shipping of goods and every picking will automatically be recorded, assigned to the respective clients, and can be tagged with prices later. The storage charges are recorded automatically and periodically, too.

Moreover, all additionally performed special services, like packing or resizing, can be recorded without gaps and thus taken into account in the next invoice for that client.

This way, all activities and services occurring in the warehouse are registered directly in the system per client, are traceable at any time and can be charged for directly.

Of course the billing periods or special pricing arrangements can individually be tailored and configured per client. Needlessly to say, the system provides interfaces to different accounting systems.

By the automated billing and creation of invoices, your employees are relieved of bothersome and time-consuming routine tasks.

With the implementation of the accounting functionality, w3logistics AG proves once more, that not only warehouse management and material flow software belong to its core competencies.