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DynKo – Research support made by w3logistics AG

Dortmund's experts for high-quality warehouse management and telematics solutions are not only engaged in supplying their customers, but also make their know-how available to several research projects.

The excellence cluster LogistikRuhr is a co-operation of 120 IT and logistics companies, and 11 universities and research organizations. The cluster is working on seven main topics, within which 30 joint research projects with a total project budget of € 80 m. have been created to work on logistical solutions. w3logistics is involved in three joint research projects of the excellence cluster LogistikRuhr. One of these projects is called "DynKo", an abbreviation for "dynamic consolidation".

The aim of this project is to increase the economic efficiency of transports and to support the migration of current road transports to railways as an alternative carrier and therefore to increase the environmental soundness of future traffic.

Using the telematics know-how of w3logistics, a dynamic consolidation of freight train traffic will become possible in the future.

In this way, if free capacity is available, a freight train can be joined by half-trains to achieve an efficient and cost optimized transport of goods. The challenge here is an optimal planning of the route, so that the goods reach their destination in time while on the other hand free capacities can be used and additional freight terminals can be served.

It is essential to avoid the necessity of shunting single waggons. Multiple docking and undocking of single waggons costs a lot of time and increases the chance of a "misrouting" and the risk of losing a waggon rises dramatically.

For example a freight train could go from Dortmund to Moskow and it should use its free capacities for transports to a station in Kiew. In this case, a half-train would be left here, while the other half-train continues to its destination in Moscow.

As well as their competitive know-how in warehouse management systems, the telematics solutions of w3logistics are another superior product in the portfolio of the software experts from Dortmund.