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w3logistics controls your warehouse

w3/max — WMS ice cold

For your warehouse, w3logistics, your software specialist for the deep-freeze industry, besides the standard functionality of such a system, offers special features to enhance work in cold and chilled stores:

  • Faster traceability of any batch

  • More efficient ways of billing (storing, services, etc.)

  • Acceleration of workflow by article specific work sheets

  • Monitoring of single storage places as well as block storages

  • Faster workflow by means of special documents (trade and veterinary lists, etc.)

References from the frozen food industry

This is what customers of the deep freeze industry say about WMS solutions by w3logistics:

Hans Jansen, managing partner of Coldstore Hengelo B.V.:

"At the end of November of this year we will already be able to work with modern IT in Hengelo, too this is what we agreed on with w3logistics, and because of our long term cooperation we know that we can rely on them." ... more

Horst Koller, manager of Nijko GmbH:

"With the solution by w3logistics we offer high quality for our customer and moreover we are able to provide current and detailed information. This is an absolute competitive advantage for our customer and for us as a service provider." ... more

Tim Pfotenhauer, authorized officer of the Thüringer Kühlhäuser GmbH Erfurt:

"With the new system we will be able to further optimize or workflow and to fulfil the wishes of our customers even faster than now." ... more

Holger Schäfer, executive manager of Coldstore Hamm GmbH:

"By using the same software at all three Coldstore locations we now can share resources across all warehouses much easier. This flexibility will be a benefit to our customers as well as to our employees." ... more

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