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OrGoLo – w3logistics reaches research mile stone

The employees of the software company w3logistics AG from Dortmund do not only work on high-quality solutions for their customers, but are also engaged in multiple research projects.

The excellence cluster LogistikRuhr is a co-operation of 120 IT and logistics companies, and 11 universities and research organizations, one of these companies is the w3logistics AG.

w3logistics is involved in three joint research projects of the excellence cluster LogistikRuhr. One of these projects is called "OrGoLo", abbreviation for "Organizational innovations for Good Governance in Logistics Networks". The aim of the project is, among others, the responsible configuration of international supply chains.

In the course of the research project, a Web 2.0 collaboration platform is being developed, which integrates different assistance tools. The current version of the collaboration platform can be accessed via this link:

The assistance tools include on the one hand a knowledge-based, adaptive software for case based reasoning, which supports handling the responsible configuration of international supply chains. Moreover, there is a supply chain configurator, an assistance tool for a most optimal generation of international supply chains, based on historical data. This is done by modelling and simulating the respective business processes. Last but not least, a system made by w3logistics for tracking and tracing the various commodity flows is part of the platform. The main difference to other approaches is the fact, that the collaboration platform does not only focus on the economic aspects, but also takes into account all aspects of supply chain governance.

With the work on another research project, the employees of the w3logistics AG prove once more, that they do not only own the necessary know-how, but also the flexibility necessary for the participation in such a research project.