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Optimize your warehouse processes with w3/max

By means of its modular structure, w3/max makes it easy for you to optimize your warehousing processes step by step. This way you can adapt your system to fit changed requirements and your standard warehouse management product becomes an individual solution exactly tailored to your needs.

Our wide range of available modules includes:

w3/max S.N.A.P. Supplement New Articles with Pictures

Innovations in MDE technology make it possible: Take pictures instead of writing reports. w3/max S.N.A.P. is the innovative application for the newest MDE technology, which eases your migration to the warehouse of the future ... more

w3/max S.P.O.T. Smart Placement and Object Tracking

Optimization of time and costs for the warehouse of the future, making material flows more efficient, relieve employees and accelerate business processes: w3/max S.P.O.T. provides you with a new quality of identification and tracking of logistic objects ... more

w3/sim Simulation tool assures quality

The simulation tool w3/sim makes it possible to model and to test all processes of an automated warehouse, starting from materials handling equipment, over material flow system to warehouse management system, without having direct access to the physical conveyor technique ... more