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w3logistics controls your warehouse

w3/max eases your customs issues!

In today's globalized world, customs clearance presents a special challenge within a warehouse management system. Therefore, customs issues played a decisive role in the further development of the warehouse management system w3/max. The current version of w3logistics AG's warehouse management suite now offers comprehensive support for customs clearance.

The WMS of the software company from Dortmund can now manage open bonded warehouses. Goods from countries that are not members of the European Union are either cleared or stored in an open bonded warehouse. In such an open bonded warehouse, goods must not be loaded or shipped without approval of customs authorities. Nevertheless, as a special case, commissioning of such goods is allowed anyway. The new version of the warehouse management system w3/max supports the user in tracing bonded goods.

To support these processes, w3/max administers as well the official customs registration number (MRN), an internal trader reference number, and the document type for clearance of single customs declarations.

Moreover, customs tariff, the current state of the goods, and an arbitrary number of annotations can be handled. At any time, bonded goods can be shown with the current customs status in the warehouse status report. An additional physical marking of the goods is no longer necessary.

Modules for your WMS

WMS accounting

The warehouse management suite of Dortmund's w3logistics AG offers its users numerous advantages. A specialty is the new accounting function of the cutting-edge WMS: With this function, every receiving or shipping of goods and every picking will automatically be recorded, assigned to ... more

Performance management

The standard warehouse management system by w3logistics AG from Dortmund supports the user with numerous functions for warehouse performance management that can be used to analyse the work processes and to check their efficiency. The performance management functions offer ... more

WMS on the web

The current version of the WMS w3/max now also includes a web application. The web interface features three major areas: At first, the current stock levels can be accessed anywhere and anytime. The customer thus gets a report of the most important information on stock levels of the goods in the warehouse ... more


For the warehouse management suite w3/max, a module for pick-by-light support is available. This component implements a paperless picking with pick-by-light. This picking process guides the respective worker by a light signal and a digital display and indicates how many parts to pick from which storage place ... more

Returns managment

In the age of e-commerce, returns of delivered goods have become a commonplace process. They can occur for various reasons, for example wrong deliveries, customer complaints, or order cancellations. Nevertheless, they pose a big challenge for the logistics of a company. ... more

Integrated stocktaking

October and the time is coming, where many companies start to think about stocktaking. Make sure that your employees are able to handle this efficiently and with little expense. Using the inventory module of w3/max, you will be able to benefit from the potentials of integrated stocktaking ... more

Warehouse visualization

The warehouse control center should have a complete overview of the condition of the warehouse and conveyor technology at all times. The visualization module of w3/max enables extensive, interactive display and information functions, both for warehouse management and material flow ... more