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News from w3logistics

KHS Corpoplast: Software retrofit

The production and spare parts warehouse at the headquarters of the Dortmund machine manufacturer KHS has already been maintained by w3logistics since 2005 – surely the positive experience was a reason why the integration of KHS Corpoplast in Hamburg was also ordered from the Dortmund specialists for software retrofit. Therefore, the same software was to be installed in Hamburg that has already been running successfully in the warehouse in Dortmund for several years.

The tight time schedule could be adhered to by simulating the material flow system, because in this way a major part of the tests could be performed already before start of operations: The latter was done in only two days' time – punctually with the changeover of the SAP system, KHS Corpoplast went live on April 5, 2009. The SAP interface from Dortmund was reused without any changes, adaptations of the material flow were only necessary because of constructual differences.

For the employees, the change in software means a lot of improvements. The new visualization functionality makes the utilization of the warehouse transparent: at a single glance you can see the allocation of every single storage location and by a simple mouse click a pallet can be retrieved. For the generation of reports, a server side OpenOffice integration is used – this way article data sheets and stock lists can easily be defined and displayed or printed out in a large number of different formats.

Kay Teske, leader of the materials management at KHS Corpoplast, is impressed by the cooperation with w3logistics: "Many good ideas, a high quality of implementation, and adherence to the time schedule: We are satisfied with w3logistics!"

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