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Thüringer Kühlhäuser choose w3/max

Thüringer Kühlhäuser GmbH in Erfurt will equip their coldstores at four locations in Erfurt, Weimar, Ebeleben and Grimmenthal with the warehouse management system w3/max of w3logistics AG from Dortmund.

The Thüringer Kühlhäuser have been on the market since 1990, and they are offering a wide range of services in the area of temperature managed storage of food.

An overall storage capacity of about 27,500 euro pallets is available at the four locations. The individual warehouses are specialized for different product groups, so that a wide range of different requirements can be covered.

In choosing the new WMS, the decision for the system of w3logistics AG was an easy one: w3/max is already running in many other coldstores and has proven to fulfil the special needs of this industry outstandingly. The system supports for example the flexible billing of different storage services especially well.

At first, the new system will be implemented in the warehouse at Ebeleben, the other locations will follow successively.

Tim Pfotenhauer, authorized officer of the Thüringer Kühlhäuser GmbH Erfurt: "With the new system we will be able to further optimize or workflow and to fulfil the wishes of our customers even faster than now."