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12. Februar 2019

EAP-MSCHAPv2 for pppd-2.4.7

Abgelegt unter: Hacker's Corner — Thomas Omerzu @ 15:34

Recently, a customer wanted us to connect to his servers in a Microsoft Azure Cloud environment.

This connection required an SSTP tunnel with EAP-MSCHAPv2 authentication. We didn’t want to use the provided VPN client for Windows, but rather preferred to use our Linux gateway to make the connection.

An SSTP client for Linux is available at Sourceforge, but unfortunately the current pppd-2.4.7 does not support the required EAP encapsulated MSCHAPv2 authentication.

There is a patch implementing a PEAP encapsulated MSCHAPv2 at Github, but this didn’t solve our problem either, as the gateway doesn’t support PEAP.

Inspired by that implementation, we created our own EAP-MSCHAPv2 patch for pppd-2.4.7, which you can download here.

The implementation is incomplete in the way that only client mode is supported. Nevertheless, it works well for us. Please use at own risk.

3 Kommentare »

  1. Frode Lillevold sagt:

    Download link is not working, could you please update it?

    1. Thomas Omerzu sagt:

      Sorry for that, just fixed it!

  2. Eivind Naess sagt:

    Is there possible to have you help push this patch upstream to the pppd project. Please see here:

    The patch needs to have you sign-off on it.

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