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A picture is worth a thousand words


"A picture is worth a thousand words" – this becomes reality with our innovative application w3/max S.N.A.P. for MDE devices with camera support.

Do you also know those problems with damages occurring in the warehouse or at incoming goods? The immense effort that is necessary for documentation? Do you also know those employees who have to take long ways and time to gather this information? Or do you even handle hazardous substances and dangerous goods and are liable for secure freight lashing? But how do you document the correct lashing of the goods?

Our web application supports the newest MDE technologies and assists you in the optimization of your daily business: Be it the check of incoming goods, documentation of outgoing goods, or assistance for service calls of your support staff, with the photo integration of w3/max S.NA.P. you are always one step ahead of your competitors. The three main modules of w3/max S.NA.P. implement typical requirements of our clients and can be customized to meet the individual needs of your company:

Module ArticleCap

Newly received articles can directly be scanned on goods receipt, combined with an article image, uploaded and saved. The images of the articles can be deleted at any time and may be replaced with a current photo and saved again.

Module DamageDoc

Damages in the warehouse or of returned goods can directly be documented. By scanning the article you can immediately attach multiple photos to a damage claim and supplement it with a description. The text input is done on the touch keypad of the MDE. The damage case documentation can be saved or sent to the person responsible by e-mail directly and easily.

Module CargoSec

A correct lashing of goods is nowadays one of the most important tasks at outgoing goods, especially if hazardous materials are involved. In case of accidents the issue of liability often needs to be clarified. Cover your company's back and use the module CargoSec. Document the correct lashing of goods with photos and save the images comfortably. Additional input fields allow entering for example the number plates of the trucks and to use drop down menus to add additional information as for example the haulier or a differentiation between regular and hazardous goods and to save and store this together with the image

You have the choice:

Use w3/max S.N.A.P. as stand-alone solution to digitalize your articles and integrate this data comfortably into your ERP system or your company's own databases.

Or benefit from our complete know-how in logistics and discover the advantages of integrated article images using our WMS w3/max.

Our MDE application is fast, secure, device independent and easy to use and runs directly in a browser on your terminal device. You can access the data using an article reference immediately after the picture was taken and you can process them efficiently.

Save costs for additional long ways and complicated work processes. Walk ahead towards the fourth industrial revolution together with w3logistics – Your partner for IT and logistics.

You can find additional informationen on w3/max S.N.A.P. here.

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