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News from w3logistics

QA documentation integrated into WMS

QA certificates are essential for logistics service providers. To get the treasured certificates, a lot has to be documented, and the way how companies confirm their QA activities looks nearly always the same: A pencil and a sheet of paper are used to record who checked what and when.

At the same time, the use of modern IT systems is a matter of course for most employees working in warehouses – foremen use their PCs to organize the shifts and workers use handhelds to confirm transports and picks.

Using the integrated solution provided by w3logistics, management and documentation of QA activities within the existing IT infrastructure are finally possible.

In a first step, QA tasks can be defined. Free definition of text elements, select lists and integration of cameras and scanners are available to create the necessary activities. Tasks can be regularly repeated jobs such as checks, or event-driven activities, such as taking a pallet's photo after capturing the pallet in the warehouse's receiving area.

The responsible user confirms all activities using the available electronic device.

All activities are stored in a secured data base. The QA manager can access the results and is provided with information about confirmed tasks and jobs still to be done.

The impressing result: Up to 40 % of the work time can be saved!

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