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News from w3logistics

SAPPI: w3logistics helps fire-fighting

A few days before Christmas 2009: In the Stockstadt mill of SAPPI, an international paper producer, a cable fire occurs. 300 firemen successfully fight the fire, but the damage is substantial.

Especially the paper production is affected. To guarantee the delivery of paper to the clients, paper has to be furnished by other plants of SAPPI's.

Conveyor system and software offer features to do so, but these functions have not been in use for a long period, and many changes have been applied to the IT system in the meantime.

The solution was provided by w3logistics AG, which has been co-operating with SAPPI since summer 2009. The Dortmund based software company is specialized in maintaining and modernizing existing software solutions. After an analysis of the source code, w3logistics proposed the necessary steps and realized them in close co-operation with SAPPI's IT department. After successful tests, the new, old solution was taken into service within a very short time.

Thomas Maidhof, SAPPI's responsible IT service manager, is enthusiastic about the co-operation: "w3logistics at once understood what had to be done, and our demands were met on a very short term basis. Delivery reliability is very important for our clients, thanks to w3logistics we comply to these demands even in the present, difficult situation."

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