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News from w3logistics

w3logistics maintains third-party systems

Since July 1st, 2010, w3logistics is in charge of the maintenance and support for warehouse management and material flow systems originally provided by FRANCK GmbH.

Based on a cooperation contract w3logistics will assure the huge number of clients of Franck GmbH the future development of their systems. In order to enable w3logistics to continue the excellent service, employees of Franck have already joined the team of w3logistics. Important clients could already be convinced.

w3logistics' experience in offering support for third-party systems was another important argument for clients to co-operate with the Dortmund based specialist for logistics IT, since the material flow systems now supported by w3logistics are keystones in the systems formerly delivered by Franck. The coopera-tion between w3logistics and Franck is a guarantee for the clients, that also in the future their systems will be constantly adopted to new requirements.

Albrecht Franck, director of Ing.-Büro Franck, is very content about the agreement: "At w3logistics, I know my clients to be in good hands."

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