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Saving energy with w3logistics

Today, most people already have an idea what "Smart meters" are. But it is just starting to get around that you can save a lot of money with them.

w3logistics has developed an energy management software for Pötz & Sand GmbH & CO. KG from Monheim am Rhein. This software displays graphically refined data of about 20 power and water energy meters currently. Every quarter of an hour, the counters transmit the meter readings to the system by e-mail, and the data is automatically read and processed.

The reports which are generated on-the-fly from this data, make it possible to recognize trends of power consumption and to identify undesirable over or under consumption immediately. On the short term, repairs can be initiated and secondary damage can be avoided. On the long term, a better load balance planning e. g. can lead to cost reductions.

All in all, just after a few weeks, the main consumers could be identified and the effects of the immediately initiated energy saving provisions could be directly visualized.

Dipl.-Ing. Guido Niewiera, executive manager at Pötz & Sand, is satisfied: "At first, we made our energy consumption transparent using the software from w3logistics. Afterwards, we were able to reduce power consumption with simple actions to up to 50 % in some areas. Already after a short time, we have reached yearly savings of 125,000 kWh. And we continue to work on the subject of energy efficiency, which is only reasonably possible with such an energy management system.

Moreover, we now can react very quickly to changes in energy consumption, which can occur e. g. because of leakage in the pressurised air system. For our companies with their own very energy intensive galvanic equipment, this is an extremely important and also cost saving issue."

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