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Comprehensive performance management in w3/max

The standard warehouse management system by w3logistics AG from Dortmund supports the user with numerous functions for warehouse performance management. These functions can be used to analyse the work processes and to check their efficiency.

The performance management functions offer graphical overviews, user-definable reports or analysis of various operating figures for example.

The standard WMS w3/max comes with a high number of predefined reports. Should these not meet all individual requirements, the reports can be modified by the user or own reports can be created.

In addition, w3/max refines relevant key figures. Turnover rate, current capacity level of the warehouse, cycle time, or the number of incoming and/or outgoing goods of a warehouse can be displayed with a single click. These key figures provide the basis for an analysis of the warehouse activities and their planning.

All reports of the standard WMS can also be displayed graphically, so the integration into a graphical master control station is hassle-free. Current day statistics can be displayed ad hoc and facilitate intervention and reactions to potential irregularities. Moreover, all operating figures can easily be displayed in all common types of diagrams, e. g. as bar or pie chart and many more.

The warehouse management system w3/max exactly maps the logistical work processes to the software. Meaningful data is indispensable for planning and analysing these processes. w3/max supports its users by processing and displaying the data and thus provides the basis for an efficient warehouse management.

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