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w3logistics controls shuttle warehouses

Warehouse management and material flow of the automatic pallet warehouse of KHS Corpoplast GmbH in Hamburg have already been handled for a while by the software w3/max of Dortmund's w3logistics AG.

In an additional step w3logistics has now not only integrated the manual and the external warehouses, but also KHS Corpoplast's existing five shuttle warehouses from the manufacturer Kardex.

The shuttle warehouses are fully automated compact high-bay warehouses, which operate on the goods-to-man principle. Until now, these were controlled by the propriety software of the system supplier.

The control of all systems is now homogenously handled by w3/max. This results in enormous advantages for KHS Corpoplast. All parts of the warehouse are now uniformly connected to the superordinated ERP system and an automatic resource planning over all areas is possible. Stock transfers – even between completely different warehouses – can now be initiated simply by drag & drop. An inter-divisional deployment of staff is now much easier as the same hardware (scanners, printers, ...) and software is being used everywhere. Warehouse statistics are now automatically consolidated over all warehouse areas, and stock-taking can be handled uniformly for all warehouses.

And the problem, that the Windows 7 migration would have required a costly renewal of the old shuttle software, was solved en passant.

Kay Teske, material resource planning manager at KHS Corpoplast GmbH, is thrilled: "This project took us a big step forward. By means of this integration, we save lots of time and money. And the collaboration with w3logistics was as brilliant as ever."

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