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Warehouse statistics at a glance

Hera GmbH & Co. KG, the manufacturer of lighting systems in Enger, counts on the statistics tool implemented by w3logistics to support controlling in his logistics centre.

Hera GmbH & Co. KG continues to rely on the services of w3logistics when it comes to the optimization of his logistical workflow. With the new statistics tool, the managerial staff members are informed much better about the activities and bottlenecks in the warehouse and are supported in their decisions at the same time.

The statistics tool is a module of the warehouse management suite w3/max. It consists of the two components data collection and web interface. On every relevant user action or move of the material flow system, data is collected and written into separate statistics tables. Especially status chances of orders and transports are recorded.

Using configurable dashboards, the user can quickly get an overview of the current activities in the warehouse or can specifically examine abnormalities.

The company gains a true added value from the graphical display of the current storing and retrieval performance of the stacker cranes and the picking station supplies. Here the sum of all transports of trays and pallets to the respective picking stations is recorded, so that controlling gets reliable information about the workload, an can optimize control of working times and order distribution.

Axel Pollmann, logistics manager at Hera: "With the new statistics tool we finally have all important key figures of the warehouse available at a glance and in real time. The clear presentation allows us to react even faster and more targeted."

You can also use the statistics tool of w3/max. Optimize your processes and support your internal controlling, to make your logistics even more profitable in the future.

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