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News from w3logistics

w3/max eases your customs issues!

In today's globalized world, customs clearance presents a special challenge within a warehouse management system. Therefore, customs issues played a decisive role in the further development of the warehouse management system w3/max. The current version of w3logistics AG's warehouse management suite now offers comprehensive support for customs clearance.

The WMS of the software company from Dortmund can now manage open bonded warehouses. Goods from countries that are not members of the European Union are either cleared or stored in an open bonded warehouse. In such an open bonded warehouse, goods must not be loaded or shipped without approval of customs authorities. Nevertheless, as a special case, commissioning of such goods is allowed anyway. The new version of the warehouse management system w3/max supports the user in tracing bonded goods.

To support these processes, w3/max administers as well the official customs registration number (MRN), an internal trader reference number, and the document type for clearance of single customs declarations.

Moreover, customs tariff, the current state of the goods, and an arbitrary number of annotations can be handled. At any time, bonded goods can be shown with the current customs status in the warehouse status report. An additional physical marking of the goods is no longer necessary.

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