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Mobile computing for logistics

Mobile computing for logistics

w3logistics enables you to use mobile communication

You plan tours and activities of your employees, w3logistics takes care of the transmission:

Every order reaches your employee within seconds, and his feedbacks are back to your system similarly quick.

Furthermore, all information is available on the Internet or can be sent via e-mail or text messages.

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Industry solutions

Whether you are a freight forwarder that uses w3/sped to send your orders to your drivers, a courier service that uses w3/kurier to send your order data to your drivers, or if your service employees need to receive order details and record working times ... more

w3/tms – Transport management from A to Z

With w3/tms you plan, control, and monitor your transports, with our mobile solutions we transmit your orders to the driver and his status reports are sent back into your system. w3/tms supports your schedulers by providing the possibility of specifying freely definable boundary conditions for vehicles ... more

Telephony live demo

Here you can do a live test of w3logistics' Telephony solution! ... more