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Pick-by-vision at Stahlwille

Securely loaded mixed cargo

Since 1862, STAHLWILLE Eduard Wille GmbH & Co. KG has been known as one of the most modern tools manufacturers in Europe. With three locations in Germany, the company supplies customers in about 90 countries with their products. This is achieved by the logistics centre at the headquarters in Wuppertal with its experienced logistics team.

Using innovations to increase the efficiency of intra logistic processes, without having to take the burden of large construction measures! Pick the around 12,000 different articles even more secure and faster, make them ready for dispatch and deliver them internationally. This intent was the starting shot for an integration of Picavi's Pick-by-vision technology into w3logistics' logistic suite w3/max.

Picking at Stahlwille's logistic used to be done with picking carts, which had user terminals to lead workers through the picking process. Using hand scanners, the respective articles and storage places where scanned and booked in w3/max afterwards.

In order to reach the aforementioned goals, the software company from Dortmund optimized the logistics of their client with the integration of pick-by-vision technology into the existing WMS w3/max, in parallel to the existing terminals. By now, the workers are guided through the picking for the 11,500 storage places on the screen of data glasses, and also scan articles and storage places using the data glass.

This way, the employees always can keep an eye on the orders and have both hands free to pick the tools more quickly at the same time.

Thanks to a direct interface, the picks are booked comfortably and immediately. The software interface developed by w3logistics AG is not only compatible with its own systems, but also opens a path to other ERP and warehouse management systems.

"Using pick-by-vision, complex logistic processes can be constituted in an easy way, and the data glasses can be integrated seamlessly into the existing system architecture", Andreas Putsch, logistics manager at Stahlwille, describes the successful cooperation. "Thanks to w3logistics, Picavi's pick-by-vision system could be integrated into real-time production in a project period of only two months. The interface takes care of a seamless transfer of data, so that we did not have to do costly cuts into the system architecture. An increase of picking performance at around 10 % could be gained this way. This is another proof that supplier loyalty pays off", concludes Putsch.

By the integration of pick-by-vision, w3logistics continues its path and extends the product portfolio for Industry 4.0.

Please contact us, and we will support your logistics in taking the next step into the future.

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