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Increased performance with w3/max

With a further extension stage of the standard warehouse management system w3/max, w3logistics AG has been supporting the restructuring of the material handling equipment at the logistics centre of Hera GmbH & Co. KG, the manufacturer of lighting systems from Enger/Germany.

Especially in the picking area, a significantly higher throughput has been achieved by integration of various new concepts, as for example the decoupling of transports from and to the picking places or the improved use of a dynamic buffer. Further important aspects of this performance increase include the dynamic prioritisation of single picks, and the integration of a pick-by-light/put-to-light system.

An integral part of the project was naturally the simulation of Hera's present material handling equipment using the simulation tool w3/sim. This simulation software allows an integrated modelling of all processes in an automatic warehouse, from material handling equipment over material flow software to warehouse management software without the need of having direct access to the actual conveyor equipment. This makes it possible to test the software and the different optimization strategies already during development, without interfering with the running production.

The target of an increased performance that matches the future growth strategy of Hera until the year 2020 was matched and this way the corporate success of Hera GmbH & Co. KG can be impacted sustainably.

"This performance increase of our logistics centre does not only save us time and money, but makes our logistic processes fit for the future. w3logistics AG has a big stake in this move ", Axel Pollmann, manager production and logistics of Hera GmbH & Co. KG comments on this project.

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