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News from w3logistics

A breath of fresh air for the supervisory board

In June 2005, the annual general shareholders meeting elected a new supervisory board for w3logistics.

Chairman of the supervisory board is now Dipl.-Inform. Hans Georg Kusber, and vice chairman Dipl.-Ing. Udo Salewski. The team is completed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Schulte.
(In the photo from right to left.)

Through his long working experience as salesman for logistics software at Quantum and w3logistics, Hans Georg Kusber possesses an extensive network in the logistics area, not to forget his position as vice president of the LOG-IT club.

In his position as chief of development, Udo Salewski has been assuring the quality of project organization for years.

Finally, Dr Joachim Schulte provides the bridge to research and teaching with his professorship for logistics management at the university of applied sciences in Gelsenkirchen.

The executive board wishes to thank the former members of the supervisory board for the good co-operation, and looks forward to a successful future in a new constellation.

Further information on the new supervisory board members is available here.

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