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Strauss logistics center takes off

Strauss Innovation uses warehouse management from w3logistics for the new logistics center of Strauss Logistik GmbH.

Only six months from the beginning of the specification phase to a successful start of operations – this is the latest success story of the logistics experts from Dortmund.

And this although the retail chain Strauss Innovation needs all elements of a modern WMS for their new central warehouse in Solingen: A manual high bay warehouse with more than 13,000 storage places in 22 aisles, a total of nearly 100 wireless terminals, and a superordinate ERP system had to be connected.

Already in the tendering phase, w3logistics was able to show which advantages their solution would have over a standard system: Established processes could be programmed precisely as needed, and system flexibility was added exactly at points where the experience of the customer had shown it necessary in the past.

Udo Salewski, head of development at w3logistics, puts the smooth start of operations – despite the tight time schedule – down to a strict project management: "In the first phase, core processes and base structures were defined. Thus an iterative software development strategy could be employed by almost implementing the different processes independently of each other – while the goods receiving was already being tested at the customer's site, the wireless terminals were still being programmed, and the picking was just in the design phase."

Michael Schweisfurth, project leader at Strauss Innovation is satisfied, too, and looks ahead confidently: "In our industry, new requirements emerge nearly every day. And we can already see now, that with w3logistics' solution, we invested in a system, that can be extended fast and securely. We have already ordered the first system extensions and optimisations of the warehouse management system from w3logistics."

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