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Flughäfen weltweit

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IATA International Airport Codes

Based on a list compiled by Peter.Loibl@daxware.de, 27.3.1998

Last change: 24.09.2007

  06.04.01 SZW ergšnzt
  21.09.06 SAW gešndert
  24.09.07 HKG gešndert
  03.07.14 BEG,BJY,INI -> Serbia
           IVG,TGD,TIV,ZBK -> Montenegro
           POW -> Slovenija
           PRN -> Kosovo
           -QBA, -QBG, -QBI, -QND 
Those IATA codes are compiled as thorough as possible. The data basis
for this have been time tables of various airlines. However I cannot
garantee the correctness of these codes.
You are free to distribute these codes for non commercial use as you
like. For commercial use of airport codes, please refer to the IATA
Corrections and additions are always welcome.
Please email them to:
Stand: 27.3.98

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