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w3logistics on the 10th Loading Security Day

Securely loaded mixed cargo

The BVL regional group Ruhr and the association of hauliers and logistics North Rhine-Westphalia invite to the 10th Loading Security Day on May 20, 2017. Between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., on the premises of the Evonik Industries AG in Essen, you can learn all about the current legal changes in loading security: securing of hazardous good, underway control regulations, creation of stable loading units.

For the companies, fixed testing standards for transport packaging exist, so that in the future the stability of a pallet can be classified directly during a check. Therefore the sender will have to ensure to secure every loading unit according to legal standards, and to give proof of loading unit stability.

Exactly this is the starting-point for the software company w3logistics from Dortmund, and they will focus on demonstrating the documentation of loading and lashing processes at this event. By means of w3/max S.N.A.P., exactly this process becomes simple, straightforward and highly efficient. While it used to be necessary to make photos of the correct loading using a digital camera in a rather complicated way and to further process these by adding metadata, now everything can be coherently documented in a single step.

A high grade of individualization and an elaborate hybridization of the product guarantee an optimal integration of hard- and software. Using the mobile device, the photos of the loading are documented and supplemented with information regarding haulier or the loading process. To finish the process, the documentation is completed by a signature of the truck driver and transmitted to server by a single click. The possibilities of further processing are nearly without limits: Besides the simple storing of the data on file or archive systems, or on a web server especially dedicated for this purpose, you can automatically generate PDF files and send them by email. Of course it is also possible to hand over the data to an ERP system.

Visit us at the Loading Security Day, listen to interesting presentations, and convince yourself of the immediate benefits of our products!