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Globalisation increases transport distances, the importance of warehousing and cargo handling is growing continuously - for all enterprises. Logistical requirements that used Solutions by w3logistics to be specific for the "big ones" now also face small and medium-sized companies.

w3logistics delivers the necessary software. We develop and Solutions by w3logistics implement solutions for control of the supply chain of small and medium-sized companies.

Solutions by w3logistics

For warehouse management, besides complete standard and individual solutions, Solutions by w3logistics we offer maintenance and enhancement of existing systems. We enable an efficient transport management through standardized solutions, which ease planning, monitoring, and Solutions by w3logistics control for our customers.

Employees in the warehouse and on the company premises communicate by radio data transmission - drivers, field staff and Solutions by w3logistics service teams are integrated by technologies like GPRS and UMTS: Solutions by w3logistics

w3logistics offers you comprehensive IT services: Maintenance and Solutions by w3logistics devolopment of software solutions for the logistics industry Construction and maintenance of your Internet presence Support with the operation of Solutions by w3logistics your intranet and your Internet connection Use of mobile communication In these areas, our services comprise Conception and planning Solution Solutions by w3logistics development and implementation Operation support and development of add-ons System administration and even outsourcing and ASP operaration of your software Solutions by w3logistics Troubleshooting Solutions by w3logistics

All orders which have been transferred into w3logistics, are shown to your field staff on Solutions by w3logistics their mobile phones, there are special dialogues for all kinds of information exchange: The basic information, which is sufficient for Solutions by w3logistics a normal procedure, is shown to your employee, additional information such as e.g. name, phone number of a recipient, can Solutions by w3logistics be retrieved if necessary, only by a click on the basic information.

w3logistics is your one-stop-shop for logistics: Consulting, Solutions by w3logistics individual solutions integrated IT-systems, and maintenance.

All these services we also offer for the software already running at your warehouse: w3/recycling modernises your Solutions by w3logistics system.

With the standardized WMS w3/max, w3logistics offers a cost-efficient alternative to individually developed warehouse management solutions, especially for warehouses Solutions by w3logistics with radio equipped mobile terminals.

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